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About Sabine

My interest in bodywork and movement started when my own body collapsed. Years of chronic pain lead to me being physically and emotionally exhausted. However, I always felt that the techniques I used

reduced my pain and stress only temporarily.

Finding the cause of the pain, or the pain strain, was never addressed. Then I discovered the myofascial release method. I use this method as a basis for my work as well as other different types of bodywork and therapy techniques. Such as Chi Nei Tsang, a deep yet gentle abdominal massage for the internal organs.


I focus on releasing your fascial web and teaching you about your holding patterns that can be often caused by physical and/or emotional trauma and bad body usage. 


Its the simplifying of the complicated that is often the key. 


Whilst reading this do you notice that your jaw is tense? Is your tongue resting on the roof of your mouth? Are your shoulders higher than they should be? Too often we let tension and pain build up in our bodies and over time this can lead to numbness and rigidity.

In addition to MER and Chi Nei Tsang I am also a Forrest yoga and organic dance teacher. All these skills are also incorporated in my MER sessions to help you obtain freedom through fluidity.  



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Freedom through fluidity

"Anything unattended to, unresolved, unhealed and unprocessed lives in your tissues, your cells, your musculature" 

Jeff Brown


Our bodies are designed to be fluid in their movement, not just in a straight line but in all directions. Bending, twisting, rolling, crawling, jumping, carrying and reaching are all natural movements for all of us, no matter the age.


Movement affects everything, from circulation to digestion to metabolism to immunity. When our muscles are relaxed and in proper alignment our whole body should move when we move. 

Our lifestyles are changing our bodies no matter how old we are. Freedom through fluidity is about maintaining stability and mobility in our body. 

Do you want to enhance your memory and learning? Move your body.

Do you want more energy? Move your body.

Do you want to decrease stress, mental and emotional issues? Move your body.

Be free from pain.

Feel energy.

Be free and fluid.


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